PHP DAL Generator

PHP DAL Generator is a .Net desktop application that generates data access layer for MySQL database. It generates code for MySQL, MySQLi and PDO extensions. This software makes PHP development easy. This tool is specially useful for programmers who don’t want to (or cannot) use a CMS. Programmers have complete control over the generated code and can be modified easily because the generated code is very clean.

Traffic Bot Engine

Traffic Bot project was created to emulate traffic from various different locations and automate the visitor hits on a website. While this is an automated bot, the way it actually works is that, it opens a browser, uses the provided URL and stays for the specified duration. In other words, it is just as a human would open a website on a browser or a new tab. The engine provided, sits on a Linux system and keeps repeating the above activity till the specified count is met.

Pokefarmer - Pokemon Go Farm Robot

Pokefarmer for Pokémon Go. Farms Pokémon, gathers items, visits pokestops

CodeCanyon - SimpleEmailExtractor

A simple software to extract email addresses from websites and social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, ... Put your URLs sources in the file “Sources.txt”, at the root directory.

CodeCanyon - Google SERP tool

Google SERP tool is a SEO tool that allows you to know the position of your web page in the Google ranking for predefined keywords. It retrieves some metatag info grabbing it from source code. Includes a server monitor for check if server is up or down with nice graphics

Web Crawler and Scraper for Files and Links

Web Crawler can be used to get links, emails, images and files from a webpage or site. Web Crawler has a simple and intuitive interface. The crawler is multithreaded and optimized for performance. It scans the webpage based on MIME types and file extensions, so it can find hidden links.

Site Visitor

Site Visitor tool allows you to generate traffic on your site(s). The tool provide full browser emulation so all scripts (including analytics such as google analysts) will execute on pages. You can configure input flow and see all processing in real-time. Search engine traffic generation supported (currently Google and Bing). Multithreading, proxies, waiting intervals configuration supported.

Website Shortcut Tool - Link Manager

Organize all of your websites with one program. You can easily access any or all websites with one click. If you have many websites you want to keep track of, you can just paste them into the file and the program will recognize them.

Easy Script Copier - Extract HTML, CSS and JS ! - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

Easy Script Copier is small tool built to save an HTML page and all CSS /JavaScript files attached. I built this tool to save on my PC some jQuery and Ajax scripts (sliders, accordions, countdowns, charts, ...). It works with HTML5 , CSS3 and JavaScript files. Easy Script Copier will change all local links to files in the main HTML file.

Nitroflare - Upload Files

Google Plus