MegaNavbar (v 2.2.0). Advanced Mega Menu for Bootstrap 3.0+

MegaNavbar is pure HTML5/CSS3 navigation component, that use the standard navbar markup, and the fluid grid system classes from Bootstrap 3. Work for fixed and responsive layout, and has the facility to include other Bootstrap components. MegaNavbar is compatible with mobile devices and modern web browsers.

CodeCanyon - Grumpy - Multi Step Indicator 60 Style

This is very simple and modern CSS3 Multi Step Indicator. 60 style with 13 different style

Modern Material Forms

Modern Material Forms are form elements built with only CSS3 and HTML5 without any images or javascript. These components can be used for creating forms faster using the included form elements such as inputs, radios, checkboxes, selects, toggle switches, file inputs among many others. In addition, various starter templates and themes are included to get you started.

Slide Social Buttons

Uses Icon Fonts, perfect for retina displays; Vector Font Awesome Icons; Degrades gracefully for IE 8 – 9 & touch devices; Flexible and responsive; Clean consistent form UI design; Uses CSS transforms & transitions; Cross-Browser IE8+, Firefox, Safari, Chrome; Easy to implement, customize and style; Well coded and documented

CodeCanyon - Circles Responsive Menu

Circles is a responsive CSS menu: Long Shadow effect on rollover(can be disabled); CSS transitions; Customizable effects (shadow, rotation); Open source icon set; Transparency effects; Up to 3 menu levels; Fully documented

CodeCanyon - CSS3 Vertical & Horizontal Accordion

CSS3 Vertical & Horizontal Accordion, Four Colors Included, Dinamic Grid Columns, 1300 Font Icon Included, Retina Ready Accordion, Cool Typography Added, Full Responsive, & Many More

CodeCanyon - CSS Animated Image Galleries

HTML & CSS3; No JavaScript; No jQuery; - 4 default colors, - Horizontal and vertical photos, - Easy to customize, - HTML & CSS validated

CodeCanyon - Elitepack Classic CSS3 Pricing Tables and Boxes

Elitepack CSS3 Pricing Tables and boxes are a collection of pure CSS3 Pricing web elements that are uniquely designed to showcase pricing features for your products or services.

CodeCanyon - Multi-step Indicator

The Multi-step Indicator now gracefully handles more than five steps, and a couple of extra classes can also be used to better handle edge cases. No JavaScript is used! Lastly, a “wizard” is included, that can be used to interactively choose the colors that you like and have the Sass variables or the generated CSS file built for you.

CSS3 Zi-Trendy Cirlce Pricing Tables + Paypal Popu

3 Trendy Colours • Animated on hover • Easy to change the colors according to your website theme. • Easy to integrate on any template or websites. • Paypal Popup once clicked on “Order” link. • Option to give the customer discount coupon codes or can be used the popup as a login form if the user is not logged in

DevelopGo - Responsive Mega Accordion

Responsive and fluid layout css based accordion built using  a grid system and 8 preset styles.

Nitroflare - Upload Files

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