Mokets - Mobile Commerce Android Full Application

Mokets! It is full application kind of solution to build the Mobile Commerce Application for Android Platform. It might be reduce a lot of hours for development from scratch. RESTFUL API will handle for data transfer in between Mobile App and Backend System. Moreover, Backend is not only content management but also supports Data Analytics module to know easily popular items(Most Interesting Item) from system.

Material Design UI Android Template App

We made this beautiful Android UI template with idea to provide developers easy and practical way to make their apps also beautiful. With our Android UI template you don’t need to loose your precious time to set up pre-designed graphic – we did it for you!

DocScan - Document Scanner

Our second product “DocScan” is useful to capture document or business card image. It’s similar with scanable and camcard. We improved this process more easier.

CodeCanyon - Ionic Mobile App Builder

Ionic Mobile App (IMA) Builder is a web tool to build a template code for Ionic Framework v1 and also build backend for storage media without coding. You can build project to app file (apk) using ionic, cordova or phonegap.

Neon Glow - Buildbox Game Template

Neon Glow how long will you least .....Neon Glow in simple game where you controlling Neon Light going through different Level of game using different GamePlay Settings. You can choose from two different game, Level Based or Endless Game. How Long Will You Least ...

Zoombie Shooter (Eclipse - Buildbox 2.2.6 - Google games - Admob)

Zoombie Shooter is a addictive game which simple gameplay that you must tap the screen to jump and shoot to kill zoombies and run over the obstacle to get coins and stars The finally to this game is the the best score with the distance coins and stars recollected.Have a full music and documentation support.

Insta Filter (Fun with Photos & Stickers + Admob)

InstaFilter is the best app to make filter favorite image from SDcard or Camera. also support to share images with friends or on other social network. InstaFilter the time when the connection is OFF and you need to watch your play with your images and stickers on your android phone.

Photo/Video Social Application with Firebase + Admob + PushNotifications

Mustage – Instagram iOS template written on Swift, which use Firebase as backend. Probably you have a community that wants to share the pictures with others, or want to build one. But Instagram is just for personal usage and other social network doesn’t give you same simplenest as it does. With this iOS template, you can build your own photo sharing app with posibility to like, comment and share photos right in your own community.

Zombies Hunter 2 (AdMob)

At night inside the cemetery Inhabited The zombies come out of the graves And the job of zombie hunter is killing zombie You have to kill all zombies, but The road inside the cemetery is full of zombies and obstacles You also have to collect money To buy another powerful character that the zombie fears

Global (single station) Android

We represent the best solution for your internet radio station. Stylish application with its own management backend.

 My News - Android Studio project

My News multipurpose application. You can use this Android app as news resource, a personal blog or portfolio. Content app is available for registered users and not registered users. Registered users have more possibilities: make comments, put a mark “I like”, edit personal profile, receive notifications of replies to comments.

Nitroflare - Upload Files

Google Plus