Imba React Native App Template

Imba React Native is an E- Commerce App Template which can work for Android and iPhone, compatible with Expo. Create a clean & clear design style. You can use the interface for projects or small shops.

WiFi QR Code Generator & Scanner +Android Studio +AdMob

QR code  (abbreviated from  Quick Response Code) is the trademark for a type of  matrix barcode  (or two-dimensional  barcode) first designed for the  automotive industry in Japan. A barcode is a machine-readable optical label that contains information about the item to which it is attached. A QR code uses four standardized encoding modes (numeric, alphanumeric, byte/binary, and  kanji) to efficiently store data; extensions may also be used.  supported extensions, virtually any type of data.

Double Bounce - Buildbox Template

Easy to learn, hard to master. Find your way controlling two ballz up the different colored platforms, but be-careful sometimes them move or turn white (which is bad!). Carefully plan your move because you've only got one life. This game will test your actions under pressure. With good marketing, it has a great chance to become viral.

WordCard - Android template

Basic wordcard application, for studying and practicing foreign expressions. The expressions can be divided into groups, the user can select which group(s) he/she wants to study/practice. You can create a database with the expressions you want to learn, divide them into groups, and later select only the groups, you want to study/practice.

Taxi Booking App - A Complete Clone of UBER with User,Driver & Bacend CMS Coded with Native Android

This project is a complete clone of Uber, which is a taxi booking App. We have build this app using Native Java for Android. This sale comes with User app, Driver App & Robust CMS.

Best Guide For - TIPS - TRICKS - HOW TO + Admob

Best Guide For – TIPS – TRICKS – HOW TO + Admob is the app who can help you to create Guide app for any subject you want, also it’s easy to edit you just want some minutes to edit the psd and than you can export them. Guide For / Tips For / How To, whatever your content you can create your own app easy with modern style.

ionic 3 App for WooCommerce

Great mobile app for WooCommerce with api, built with ionic 3. This will connect to your woo-commerce store and Synch categories and products in realtime. Lets your customer to shop easier and faster, Increases your sales, greater customer engagement, Lets your customer to shop and make payment, register, login, view order status and order history, manage account etc.

Soldier Dave - iOS - Android - iAP + ADMOB + Leaderboards + Buildbox 2.0

Soldier Dave is an amazing and addictive game! Dave is a Soldier stuck in a country thats in serious war. He needs to go back to his military home base however, he need your help.

Multi-language speech & text translator

Multi-language speech & text translator is a unique app that lets its users translate between two languages. It include a text-speech and speech-text converter and language translator. The app uses open source Yandex API and is capable of translating between 200+ languages.

Car Speed Game | Android - Buildbox Included - Eclipse Project - Easy Reskin - Multiple characters

This game Car Speed made by buildbox software Based by Cocos2D Library. When you buy this item you’ll get the Buildbox 2 template and eclipse project. This game is easy to play you have just to avoid cars enemies and earn coins as much as you can. 3 Cars. 16 Enemis. Buildbox 2.2.8 Included. Admob + Chartboost. Google Play Game Services.

Need for Zombie - Buildbox 2 Template Game

A new toxic nuclear war has ended life on Earth. All adults have become Zombies, and their only fighters are a group of children with their vehicles.Help stop all Zombies!

Nitroflare - Upload Files

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