ionWordpress -Wordpress full Integrated mobile app

IonWordpress is the way to take your Wordpress site to the next level! You just need to add some plugins to your Wordpress site and you will have a mobile app ready to go. It has tons of components, plugins and examples so you can build the kind of app you need.

Mobi Quiz - Practice Test, Evaluation learning , Exam App

Android Mobile Application Quiz Questions and Answers using Material Design. Customize Mobile Android App for a Quiz or Mock Tests,Practice Questions ,Skill Evaluation App. Unique Solution to Administrate every Questions & Answers with a Simple Excel sheet.

Motocross Madness + AdMob + Leaderboard

To become a master motorcycle / motocross pilot, skills matter (a lot). As they say: no pain, no gain! So, start practicing right now to become a pro bike racer and rule them all. It will be fun and addicting, we guarantee!

Goceng: Deal Aggregator App

Goceng is a deal aggregator application template that run under Android platform. This will help you build your own mobile deal application faster. Comes with many great features such as location-based and managing data from server.

Talking Dancing Cat Android App

This product is developed in eclipse SDK. You can do any customization with the code. - You will create new app in few minutes if you have basic knowledge of java programming. - App is integrated with admob. Admob will help you to earn revenue.

Rock-Paper-Scissor Flat UI with Admob

Rock-paper-scissors is a hand game usually played by two people, where players simultaneously form one of three shapes with an outstretched hand. The “rock” beats scissors, the “scissors” beat paper and the “paper” beats rock; if both players throw the same shape, the game is tied.

Drunk Pilot with AdMob and Leaderboard

Tap on screen to fly up and avoid collision with balloons. Java native source code; AdMob Smart Banner; AdMob Interstitial; Google+ Leaderboard; Optimized for tablets; Clear graphics at all screen resolutions; Background music and sounds; Easy customization

Ultra Squares - Highly Addictive Game Template

ULTRA SQUARES is a Fast and highly addictive, super simple arcade flat game. Touch anywhere on the screen to change the color of the bottom, match the colors with the falling squares. This game is made in Java using Android Studio since Google is not supporting Eclipse anymore (you can import on Eclipse but instead of one-click import it will take you a while).

Feedwes - iOS 8/9 News App Template (Swift)

Feedwes gets its name from 2 words: feed and news. This is an RSS feed reader to get all news in one place, there are several Categories and you can share articles to social networks and Mail!

Matches Puzzle - Android Game

In matches puzzle game, you move 1 or 2 matches to fix the equation. You have 3 helps for using to fix the equation (solution, facebook, twitter). Matches puzzle is an easy application for customize and you will get the admin panel with downloaded files to add new equations without needing to upload new version on google play

Ask and Answer App

Ask and Answer App + AdMob + QA Script 2 API + Admin panel! Full app! The source code of the server + source code of the application on android! Easy and fast installation script – in three steps!

Nitroflare - Upload Files

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