WP News Pro

iOS8, storyboard, autolayout, sizeclass universal app; Swift project file, works with Xcode 6.3; All iOS8 devices support (iPhone 4s+); Wordpress based RSS reader; Responsiv layout; Template based article view; Text size control; Images, YouTube video and Vimeo video resizer

Woocommerce android app

Soko app with woocommerce integration is an android app that connects to any wooCommerce powered ecommerce site. It comes packaged with tones of features.

Classify - iOS 7/8 Universal Classifieds App Template (Swift)

Classify is a complete Universal app template you can use to offer mobile classifieds service to professionals and end users, they will be able to post and edit ads all via their devices, no computer needed, additionally they can just search for what they need or browse listings by Categories and contact seller all in mobility!

Radio App for iPhone

iOS 6+7, Storyboard, ARC; Works with Xcode 4.6.2; Metadata support; Auto cover image search; Find the song in iTunes; Supported Stream Formats: mp3, aac, aac+, etc; Play in background; Custom MPVolumeView; Social support (Facebook, Twitter)

WP News for iPhone & iPad

iOS6, storyboard, ARC, autolayout, universal app; Works with Xcode 4.6; Wordpress based RSS reader; iPhone UITableViewController, iPad UICollectionViewController; Article view: html template based; -javascript-css text size control; -images and YouTube video resizer

Facebook Video Downloader

This app allows you to download videos as you browse using in-app browser and let you download. Downloaded videos then can be shared with friends via iOS standard sharing option or even open the video in other supported apps

ionFullApp -Ionic PhoneGap/Cordova Full Hybrid App

IonFullApp is a beautiful starter app built with Ionic Framework which gives you the bootstrap you need in order to build your next application. It has tons of components, plugins and examples so you can build the kind of app you need.

Quattro The Ultimate RSS

Quattro is the ultimate RSS Feeder for kind of rss sources. Quattro requires easy setup. You can follow the feeds as well as listen music, watch video clips, follow live scores all in one simple place. No more switching between applications or searching over the internet for some good news source.

ChupaMobile - Chat App Pro Android

Chat App Pro is the PRO version of chat app template whereby it comes with back end server function of hosting parse, XMMP and private server. You can now have your completed chat app with this Chat App Pro and connect your users to talk and chat.


Enjoy iOS apps with the taste of Metro design , iMetro is a set of applications for amateur programmers who are on the first steps of iOS developing . iMetro includes some gadgets that learn you how to work with Camera , Maps , GPS , touch and etc … [MORE GADGETS WILLL BE ADDED IN THE FEATURE UPDATES]. iMetro developed as Universal application so you can work with it both on iPad and iPhone or iPod Touch . Lets explain every tiles !

Personal MicroBlog

Personal MicroBlog – multipurpose application with which you can create your personal microblog, microblog for their company or organization. MicroBlog also can be used for posting your photos, news. In their posts, you can use hashtags, which makes navigation and search the app is great.

Nitroflare - Upload Files


Google Plus