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ActiveCollab – the project management & collaboration tool that installs on your server or local network.


TEAM COLLABORATION: Keep your team on the same page. Whether they’re across the hall or across the world, now it’s easy to keep your team working together with team hub in activeCollab. Improve and streamline your internal communication by delegating tasks, sharing files, discussing important topics, and much more.

PROJECT MANAGEMENT: Stay on top with an all-in-one project management solution. Why fuss with synchronizing multiple project management applications when you don’t need to? With activeCollab, everything you need is right at your fingertips in one, easy-to-understand workspace. Preview all your projects with a handy Timeline view.

TASK MANAGEMENT: Set yourself up to win with easy project organization. activeCollab makes it easy to see what your team needs to do to get the job done by breaking projects into tasks with due dates, category labels, priorities, and more.

TRACK TIME AND EXPENSES: Keep project costs under control with time and expense reports. With activeCollab, it’s easy to track time and funds. Just set your project budget and you’re ready to track how your resources are spent with easy-to-generate invoices, payment reports, and payment summaries.

INVOICING MANAGEMENT: Take the pain out of billing with easy invoicing. Our integrated invoicing features make billing painless. Not only are invoices customizable (so that you can add your own branding), they can be filtered by job status, client, project, personnel, date, group, and more. Just choose your filter options and run your report.

CALENDAR: Stay organized with drag-and-drop scheduling.  See and organize your monthly schedule from an easy-to-use Calendar page. Did you accidentally overbook yourself? No problem, just drag-and-drop tasks and events to reschedule them.

EMAIL INTEGRATION: All you need is an email account. If you have an email account and an internet browser, you have everything you need. to get to work with activeCollab. And, configurable email integration helps make activeCollab an easy-to-learn project management tool for new clients and users.

FILE MANAGEMENT: Keep all of your files in one place. Forget about lost time due to lost documents. activeCollab lets you upload and create project documentation so that everyone has everything they need. Mark your documents as Private and they’ll only be visible to you and your team — but not the clients.

COLLABORATIVE WRITING: Write with your team. Project documentation is never a one-person job, and that’s why activeCollab makes it easy for teams to collaborate on complex documentation, blog posts, project notes, and more. And when you’re ready to share your documents, there’s a Sharing option for quick publication.

MY ACTIVECOLLAB: Make even your remotest teams feel right at home. activeCollab offers complete localization. Not only can you choose the interface language, you can also set the default currency, local tax rates, time zone, and more. And using localization settings for invoices makes international billing a breeze.

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