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Coyoras mp3 search engine script is the most advanced music search engine script available online! Within minutes you can have an mp3 site up and running with millions and millions of songs available for your users to download. Not only this but our script has built in features to blow away any competition in google results and take the number one spot for the most popular songs.


Coyoras mp3 search engine comes with the widest variety of sources. For those new to the business, a source is essentially another mp3 download website which our script can pull results from and display on yours without any reference back to the original site! Some of our major sources are SoundCloud and Hulkshare, some of the largest audio file sharing websites on the internet!

Not only does the script come with more sources than you could ever need, our users have also created their own sources and posted them on the forums for you to download - meaning your website will never be without more than enough music!

Other sources (some may be posted on the forums and require to be manually added) include 4Shared, Zing, Kohit, Dilandau, SoundOwl, ExFM, Mp3Skull, OlimpMp3, Mp3Juices, Emp3World, Goear, Youtube (beta) and many more posted all the time.


Our scripts come fully search engine optimized in order to get your site ranked in the leading engines, generating tones of traffic for your websites and in turn generating you income.

Each and every page has a unique title, which you can easily change from the admin panel to suit your liking. Not only this but the url structure for your results page can also easily be changed, making your website as unique as possible.

Admin Panel

From the admin panel you can edit titles, modify general site settings such as the amount of recent searches to show, the number of popular songs to show, bandwidth saving options such as allowing the songs to be ran through your server or sent out directly to the user, modify different text areas around the site, easily insert your ad codes, manage all of your sources easily with the click of a button, manage user searches aswell as ban searches from appearing and much more! Check out the admin panel demo to see all of the features it offers!

Server Requirements

    Ioncube Loaders
    Mod Rewrite

With the above installed your website should be able to run perfectly!

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