CodeCanyon - Trafix - Traffic Exchange System

Traffic Exchange Users can signup and browse the websites of other people to earn points.They can add their own to get free views. All automatic. Referral system Users can refer other people using links and banners.They will earn a commission of the points the referrals earn and will also make percentages of the upgrades the users buy.

CodeCanyon - Soulmate - Matrimonial Portal

Soulmate is an online wedding portal for finding your perfect match. Built on PHP with the powerful framework Laravel. This is a user friendly and responsive portal which gives a complete treat for all the match seekers..

CodeCanyon - Worcipe App - Full Application Android

Get your own recipe application in a few click with this simple & elegant application with a unique look.With this application you have all the recipes with you. Worcipe app is an application under Android platform which can be used to create application about recipes(food). Included php&mysql administration.

PHPClips Video Sharing Platform

PHPClips is now at V2.0 release. It is a powerful video sharing platform, supporting uploads from pc or from youtube, themes, plugins, video processing with ffmpeg, and much more features.

Zlogin - Simple Login System with Bootstrap

Zlogin is simple, secured and easy to customize Login & users management system. We built it as MVC so it’s OOP from it’s core so you can integrating it with your own website easily or use it as a start point to build your own CMS with a private user area where visitors to your website have to be logged in to view page content.

mooSocial - PHP Social Network Script

mooSocial is the best social network software to create an online community or social site. Start your site in minutes. It is easy to use even without design or programing skills.

Zhen Distribution Maps

Need a distribution/mapping system for your business? Need to track distribution metrics and problems on a map backed by a database? Zhen Distribution Maps is the solution for your needs! Zhen Maps can run on any shared host with PHP and MySQL installed, and provides a great-looking and easy-to-use UX that allows you to easily track your distribution in a web-based application.

CodeCanyon - T-Shirt eCommerce - T-Shirt Designer

Online Solution For Printing. Design any type of product; Add product colors easily; Support views with front, back, left, right for each product; Drag and drop to setup area design; Choose printing type; Custom attributes

CodeCanyon - Stock Manager Advance (Invoice & Inventory System)

Stock Manager Advance is a PHP based web application that allows you to manage your invoicing and inventory on site. Update your stock information, make purchases and view sales data from anywhere whether in the office, at home, in the warehouse, or on the go. All you need to access this a device with internet connection.

Architect - HTML and Site Builder

Architect is the most powerful and easy to use site and html builder not only on codecanyon, but probably on the internet as well. It has all the features you would except from a site builder, while also offering exclusive ones like themes & templates, closely integrated code editors, the best visual css and image editor around and much more.

CodeCanyon - LinkFly - Monetized URL Shortener

Earn cash by beginning your personal monetized hyperlink shortening service, identical to a d f .l y links were NOT allowed here!!! or brief.est! Enable members to shorten hyperlinks and earn cash, and hold a share of the revenue – this template features a full commercial system, withdrawals, highly effective hyperlink shortener, and far, way more!

Coupons CMS 5.00

Coupons CMS is perfect for people who want to start a new coupons/deals website. Never been easier to promote coupons, deals and/or products of great stores/brands and make money from their affiliate programs. But that’s not all ! Now you can receive payments automatically from store owners.

CodeCanyon - Pixel - Premium Download Script

Create you own download portal! Can contain PSD, Vectors, Icons or any type of media download. There are a tons of customizations, multiple ad placements, analytics intergation, anh much more to make the site your own!

CodeCanyon - Invoicer - Invoices Generator App

Invoicer is a Web Application that generate PDF invoices, Orders, Quotes and Receipts right from your browser within seconds without writing a single line of code. Just need to put your information, press the button and you will get a beautifully designed PDF invoice downloaded.

BeDrive - File Sharing and Cloud Storage

BeDrive allows you to create your own self-hosted file sharing and hosting website in minutes with no coding knowledge. It has an impressive feature set that rivals and even surpasses current industry leaders such as dropbox or google drive.

Nitroflare - Upload Files


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