Wireless- Minimalist Foundation UI Kit

Wireless is a UI Kit based on the popular Zurb Foundation Framework. It has a sleek, minimalist design that is perfect for wireframing or prototyping or if you want a smooth minimalist design. It includes all standard Foundation 6 components, carefully styled to make a unified and coherent theme, as well as some extras.

Riddler - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

Riddler Bootstrap skin is a lightweight sleek and modern looking set of CSS styles which gives you all the power of Twitter Bootstrap powered by a unique look, enhanced features, usage examples and HTML templates.

Materio Theme for phpSound

Materio is a Theme for the phpSound Music Sharing Platform featuring the new design concept called Material Design. Also featuring retina display ready, cross-browser compatible and mobile responsive, Materio offer a great and intuitive navigation experience for your users.

CodeCanyon - MediaPlex Theme for Premium Media Script

MediaPlex is a theme for Premium Media Script. If you are looking to make your site different from others then this is perfect for you. It adds some unique features and expands others beautifully. It comes in to two different color (light or dark).

CodeCanyon - Flat Skin Retina for VideoJS 4

Video.js that is open source HTML5 & Flash video player, as well as YouTube and Vimeo (through plugins), used on over 200,000 websites; Skin with Flat Style; Retina Ready & Fully Responsive; Unlimited colors – any colour you like; SVG and LESS files included; Change color in 10 seconds or less; 8 Different Demos; HTML5 & CSS3

CodeCanyon - Simplex Theme for Premium URL Shortener

Simplex is a beautiful theme for Premium URL Shortener 4. It comes packed with some awesome features that will make the user experience unique.

CodeCanyon - Vibe Theme for phpSound

Vibe is a Theme for the phpSound Music Sharing Platform, featuring a flat, clean, and modern interface, retina display ready, cross-browser compatible and mobile responsive.

Josh - Laravel Admin Template + Front End + CRUD

Josh Admin template is a bootstrap based admin template which comes in following versions. Laravel 4/5 Version: Is your next project on Laravel? Use this theme and save your valuable time. HTML Version: This version can be used for working with any language like PHP, ASP, Ruby, JSP, Perl etc…

Light Theme for Premium URL Shortener

Light is a modern and responsive theme designed for Premium URL Shortener 4 script.

Mercury - Theme for MTDb (Movies and TV Database)

Mercury is a Theme for MTDb – Ultimate Movie&TV Database, it updates almost all pages from original theme, features a clean and modern interface, parallax backgrounds, user friendly interface and is cross-browser compatible and responsive.

Circloid - Responsive OpenCart Admin Theme

Circloid is a retina-ready and responsive Admin theme for OpenCart. Circloid allows you to change the look of your admin to suit your style. It’s a complete redesign of the default theme but does not overwrite it. It uses vQmod, so nothing is overwritten on your site.


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