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Codester - Funny Photo Editor - Android Source Code

Category: Mobile
Created on Monday, 04 December 2017 16:34

Funny Photo Editor - Android Source Code

Funny Photo EditorAre you looking for a funny and great face editor application, you can download this "funny photo editor" for free and enjoy.  With this editing application you can change your friend photos with funny stickers like hair, mustache, Ear and many more etc...

CodeCanyon - Funny Camera Faces

Category: Mobile
Created on Friday, 31 March 2017 18:47

Funny Camera Faces

code is now converted to android studio and it is now compatible with android 6.0 version. It is compatible with android phone and tablet.

CodeCanyon - Funny Face Maker

Category: Mobile
Created on Tuesday, 14 March 2017 10:23

Funny Face Maker

This is the best timepass application for all those who loves editing the pics. This app will become addictive once user will start using it. It has large number of funny objects to make your photo funniest. One can create funny selfie too.

CodeCanyon - Funny Selfie Camera App | Android App

Category: Mobile
Created on Monday, 29 December 2014 19:40

Funny Selfie Camera App - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

Take photos of you and your friends with the Funny Selfie camera app. Turn every Selfie into a funny Selfies, it includes a set of funny icons (glasses,hats,magician kit…)will be selected randomly which make it more fun and surprising. When you open the camera on most devices, it starts with the rear-facing camera. To take a selfie. This app STARTS your front camera and provides a simple button to take a selfie.

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