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Codester - Loremipsum Generator Codeigniter Library

Category: PHP Scripts
Created on Monday, 30 October 2017 19:24

Loremipsum Generator Codeigniter Library

This library is intended to boost productivity and shorten the time need for templating websites or web apps. It generates placeholder text also known as loremipsum. The library has 21 functions to make generating placeholders fast and easy. Words database contains over 3300+ latin words. This makes it impossible to generate two same paragraphs or sentences making the placeholder text look realistic.

CodeCanyon - Simple PayPal Checkout Library

Category: .NET
Created on Wednesday, 10 August 2016 17:37

Simple PayPal Checkout Library

A simple PayPal library for .NET. Simple implementation of the Express Checkout. A simple library for non-technical users. The library allows creating custom checkout. It incorporates three main methods: for setting up the payment, for getting the shipping details from PayPal and for confirming the payment.

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