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Making games? Grids is the Unity plugin you need. This extension requires one license per seat.

Grids Pro allows you to rapidly prototype and develop your games using 21 types of grids, including:

• Rect and Diamond grids
• Hex grids
• Tri grids
• Rhomb grids
• Cairo pentagon grids
• Polar grids
• And more.

And, to get you started, we’ve made more than 70 examples. Many are shipped with the Grids Unity Plugin and many more are on our website.

You can define your own 2D and 3D grids or customise size and shape to build your own unique games. Just set your grids up in the editor or build them in code.

Use our tutorials, online documentation and FAQ’s to find out more about making games with Grids.

Unity game development is also easier with the many algorithms of Grids, including:

• A* path finding
• Range finding
• Matching
• Geometry and other mathematical operations
• And more!

You can use Grids with Unity native sprites or your favourite sprite plugin including NGUI, 2D Toolkit and EZGUI. You can also build meshes for your grids in the editor and define your own 3D maps to use on the meshes that you build.

We created 30 games in 30 days using Grids. Think what you could do.

Grids Pro works with Unity 4 and Unity 5.

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